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Special Dietary Needs Food Drive

Canadians across the nation are facing increasing food shortages and those most vulnerable are among the hardest hit, with disability rates not seeing appropriate increases to inflation. Costs for specialty foods matching health and cultural needs, such as Gluten-Free

Food is a right, not a privilege. Help us make dietary requirements accessible for all, not just a luxury for the few. Every donation matters, no matter how small. Let's eliminate dietary insecurity together.

Food Donation Volunteers

By the Numbers

Dietary insecurity is a crisis affecting over 18% of Canadians - 1 in 5. It's not just about having food—it's about having the right food. Special diets aren't a luxury; they're a necessity for many. Gluten can cause irreversible harm in Celiac disease, unmanaged carbs are perilous for diabetes, and for those with Phenylketonuria (PKU), certain proteins mean severe neurological damage. Even the "may be processed in a facility that processes nuts" label is a life-threatening gamble for people with severe allergies.

Alarmingly, a third of food bank clients are children. Those with disability, single adults and families relying on provincial social assistance make up nearly half. They often choose between rent, healthcare, education, and fulfilling their dietary needs.


of food bank users in Canada are children, while only representing 18.8% of the population


food insecurity is three times higher among people with disabilities than the non-disabled population


Of people in Canada experiencing food insecurity have a disability.


Seniors represent 8.9% of Canadian food bank users, with the rate of increase far outpacing other age groups.


of food bank users in Canada are single adult households, while only representing 29.3% of the population.

Highest Risk

Groups at highest risk include those with disabilities, aboriginal people, social assistance recipients, younger adults, and single parents.


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